Internet Radio Software for Hindi Songs

Download Internet Radio Software Application on your pc and play unlimited songs from your desktop or laptop computer running windows. The Internet Radio provided here works fine on Windows 8 as well apart from current microsoft operating systems such as Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, etc. Microsoft stopped supporting XP long time back, but even if you are running a Windows XP computer, this internet radio software is for you.

The best part about this internet radio software is that it works. Hindi and other Indian songs can be played using this software application with a few clicks. Download the software now and listen to unlimited hindi and other indian languages songs. In case you do like this internet radio software, please do share it with others. There are many internet radio stations run by probably indians streaming new and old hindi songs for the world to listen.

This Internet Radio Software allows you to tune into FM Radio Channels, Internet Radio Channels providing latest hindi songs, old traditional songs and many more channels to select from. Download the Software now and tune into the world of internet radio channels for free. The Software download will not ask you to do a registration, it will not ask your credit card details and has been tested by multiple antivirus. Internet Radio providing Hindi and non Hindi Songs is waiting for you to download &tune into the world of music.

Submit Radio Station

Now you can submit an online radio station to be included in the free radio software. This Hindi Radio provides quick and easy way to tune into any selected radio station and provides users unlimited hindi music. This Radio Software uses Microsoft Media Player to play any selected radio station and hence the radio station you submit must be playable in Microsoft Media Player. Here you can submit any radio station playing online radio in any of the indian languages such as hindi, punjabi or any other language.

You can even submit a radio station in english language as now a days english songs have entered into the lifes of indian people as good as hindi songs. In order to submit a radio station please send us the Radio URL to and possibly provide a backlink to this website. We do check periodically the radio stations and remove radio stations which do not play. Checking of radio station allows us to deliver this Hindi Radio Software to everybody and saves them time trying to find out a working radio station.

This Hindi Radio Software plays hindi and other indian language radio stations from a configurable user interface. This Software can also be minimized to system tray so that user can just tune into any radio station by simply selecting a radio station and the rest is taken care by the software. Download Hindi Radio and give it a try for yourself and there are good chances that you will find this Online Radio Software to be the best available free radio Software. Radio Station submission will be taken care on priority and will be listed in this online radio software as soon as possible. Submit your favourite radio station and reach out indian and non indian people from across the world.

Hindi Radio Software for Free Download

Download this free Hindi Radio Software on your Windows computer and enjoy LIVE unlimited Hindi Music 365 days an year. The Free Download comes without any frills, no credit card / debit card or any registration is required to freely download & use the hindi radio software. The Hindi Radio Software works from system tray and is really easy to use. Just download the hindi radio software and enjoy unlimited hindi music.

The Free Hindi Radio Software requires an internet connection to continously stream hindi songs from online radio stations. The Hindi Radio Software has many channels to select from and can be the most easiest software to use. Just tune into any online radio station from the list and the hindi songs will automatically get streamed to your pc via your loudspeaker. Just like traditional physical radio, you can press keyboard keys to change the radio station, tune into next or previous radio station and enjoy all the hindi music.

The Free Hindi Radio Software can be used on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 and hopefully onto Windows 8 as well. The Software comes without any frills, you can stop the hindi radio, tune into any online radio station really easily and freely. Download the Hindi Radio Software for free and enjoy nonstop hindi music on your own computer.

Hindi Songs

Are you looking to hear unlimited hindi songs , in case yes here is your chance to listen to unlimited old and new hindi songs. Select from a large collection of hindi songs ranging from old hindi songs from mohammad rafi, asha bhonsle and lots of other hindi song singers. You can even listen to new hindi songs of latest bollywood movies.

Now you can listen to all the hindi songs without downloading them in mp3 or other format. With the Free Software presented here, you just have to select what type of hindi songs you wish to hear and click on play, that’s it. The free software can play you non stop hindi songs or even punjabi and other songs as well. Listening to hindi songs without even downloading each and every mp3 file was never so easy. The Songs are regularly updated by respective song provider and hence you will get all that you want at a single place.

Desi Bollywood Radio Online

Now you can enjoy desi radio stations broadcasting free bollywood music for free. Listen to unlimited hindi songs from various hindi movies. A vast number of hindi radio stations from across the globe are waiting for you to tune in and listen to non stop desi hindi songs. Download the Hindi Radio Software and listen to hindi songs from old and new hindi films.

On one channel you might find a song featuring shahrukh khan and in other online radio channel you might find rafi singing for you. There are many punjabi radio stations as well with close proximity to hindi songs. As the hindi radio software provides you only song and there is no actual video of the songs, the hindi radio software consumes really low bandwidth as compared to watching songs with video.

You one stop free desi radio stop for hindi , punjabi, urdu and other desi indian language radio stations is here. Let latest playback singers sing for you and that too non stop all the way from our bollywood. Download the free online radio program and tune into various desi bollywood radio stations with latest and old actors / singers such as shahrukh khan, mohammad rafio, akshay kumar, etc playing hindi music for you.

Free Hindi Radio for Non Stop Bollywood Hindi Songs

Welcome to this Hindi Radio website which provides a small software download which can bring you non stop unlimited hindi songs from bollywood. The Free Hindi Radio can be used to listen to hindi, tamil, gujrati, punjabi and other desi songs from online radio stations.

The Free Hindi Radio software can provide you 24 hour hindi songs from various genres. Download and start the hindi radio and then you can click on cross button on the hindi radio graphical user interface to hide it from alt = tab key combination and still play hindi songs. Select the radio channel from various indian language channels and let your computer be your entertainment equipment. The Hindi Radio is free to use and can be classified as freeware software to use. There are no trial limitations and you can select from a huge list of bollywood radio channels.

Listen to Hindi Songs with Hindi Radio

Unlimited Hindi Songs, Latest Bollywood Songs, Old Hindi Songs, Remix Songs, Radio Jockey driven hindi radio stations and much more with free Hindi Radio. Download Hindi Radio and let it play songs for you when you want and of any type you want. Many Radio Stations listed are driven by Radio Jocket just like traditional Radio. The Hindi Radio can be controlled just like a physical radio with controls to play next or previous radio station from a list of Hindi radio stations by just pressing a shortcut key on computer. You can even configure shortcut key combinations on your keyboard to play or stop the radio and the best part is that the Hindi Radio sits in system tray and provides you unlimited hindi music.

The Hindi Radio stations listed are from various hindi loving people from countries such as India, Pakistan, United Kingdom, America and other countries. The Genre of the Hindi Radio stations vary from Bollywood Music, Desi Hits, Punjabi Music, Old Classic Songs, etc. You can even listen to news from the Hindi Radio and stay in touch with current happenings. All you need is select the radio station of your choice and the radio station will broadcast non stop music from various hindi movies. The Radio remembers the channel so when you start the Hindi Radio again, it will play the last radio station automatically and can provide you non stop bollywood music without downloading songs from internet.

Konkani Radio from Goa

Latest new Online Radio now inlcudes Konkani Radio. The Konkani language is spoken in Goa – India. Other languages spoken in Goa include Hindi, Marathi and english. Now you can listen to free online radio in Konkani language. Just download the Hindi Radio Software and tune into your desired channel by clicking on any of the radio channel name.

The Goa Radio channel boasts of providing live radio channel from Goa and also about the latest happenings in Goa. Now you can tune into the Goan radio channel easily and quickly irrespective of where are you in the world. You can even tune into any hindi radio channel as well, just download the software and let the music, entertainment and news about various parts of India such as Goa, Mumbai and other parts of globe reach you using the Free Hindi Radio Software. In case you would like to know more about Goa in general or from tourism perspective, the Goa Property website can be of use as it provides lots of information about Goan culture, heritage and property, flat, house lease, rental or outright sale related information and services.

Shakti 97.5 FM

Shakti 97.5 FM

Listen Hot Like Pepper Radio Shakti 97.5 FM Live on your Computer with Hindi Radio Software.

Shakti 97.5 FM plays Non Stop Hindi FM Radio Songs on your Computer.

Listen Live Shakti 97.5 FM Internet FM Radio Station Live on your Computer or Laptop with Hindi Radio Software.

Shakti 97.5 FM Radio Station offers to its Listeners Bollywood Songs, Remix Songs, Album Songs and much more

Shakti 97.5 FM plays Hindi Songs Best Songs Ever on your Computer or Laptop.

Download Hindi Radio Software now to Listen Non Stop Hindi Songs in Shakti 97.5 FM Radio Station.

Craze FM Online

Craze FM

Craze FM is a FM Radio Station where The Choice is Yours.

Craze FM Radio Station is a Asian FM Radio Station.

Craze FM Radio is famous amongst the Music Listeners in India.craze-fm-online

Craze FM plays Non Stop Bollywood Music, Remix Songs, Album Songs and much more.

Now Listen Craze FM Radio Stations Non Stop 24/7 on your Computer or Laptop by Installing Hindi Radio Software.

Download Hindi Radio Software now and Install it on your Computer to Listen Craze FM Radio Station now on your Computer.

Craze FM Serves thousands of Hindi Songs in which the Listeners can choose and Listen their favorite Songs.

Listen Non Stop Craze Hindi Internet FM Radio Station on your Computer now.